Arai might be the most well known and trusted fabricator of motorcycle helmets in the world.

When you think of Arai helmets; you can only think of top quality, a racing history and Japan. Arai was founded by Hirotake Arai in 1952 and since then it is still a family business with Michio Arai directing it.

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Arai started manufacturing fiberglass helmets and has since worked hard on their reputation as a premium helmet brand. Arai can be found in every top segment of car and motorcycle racing, thus you will also see Arai at the MotoGP and the MX GP.

Arai has developed considerably over the years and has therefore remained one of the safest helmet brands in the world. As a result, Arai helmets score very high for use both on public roads and on the circuit.

With an Arai helmet you simply cannot go wrong.

Motorcycles United is an official Arai stock dealer and has a super cool selection of Arai helmets for you. 

A selection from the range of Arai helmets which you can find in our shop.

This is a completely new model from Arai for 2020 and the years to come. Here at the office we are a direct fan of this excellent piece of technology with its wonderful retro looks. The technology is extremely modern and the fit is perfect. The combination of retro and modern technologies therefore clearly dominates the Arai Concept-X.

The gift of the Concept-X is that the founder of Arai Helmets, Hirotake Arai is named on some models of the Arai Concept-X by means of the HA on the front of the HA Blue, HA Green and HA Yellow.

Urban V
The Arai Urban-V is of course spot-on when you think of caferacers. Unlike the competition, this Arai Urban-V has 3 ventilation channels on the inside of the helmet so that your head stays well ventilated. The retro styling with the latest technological highlights makes this a very smart and pleasant choice for someone who likes to wear a jet helmet. In addition, the Arai Urban-V is also pretty low on your high.

SR-Z Vas
The Arai SR-Z Vas is mostly used for people who enjoy touring, but also often during fast city traffic. This all-round helmet is perfect for your motor scooter or retro motorcycle. Its long visor ensures that the wind stays well out of your face, while the ventilation is also in good order with this helmet. The Arai SR-Z Vas helmet is really a best-seller in Europe and its fine fit, protection and high safety make us understand why.