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De m-Button is wellicht wel het meest kleine en slimme product dat u voor uw motor kunt kopen. In combinatie met de m-Unit heeft u uw stuur zo "clean" als het kan!
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De m-Button is wellicht wel het meest kleine en slimme product dat u voor uw motor kunt kopen. In combinatie met de m-Unit heeft u uw stuur zo "clean" als het kan!

"Verstop" de m-Button ergens in (de buurt van ) u stuur en sluit er alle bedrading van uw controls op aan. Slechts 1 kabel zal vanaf daar naar de m-Unit hoeven te lopen en zodoende wordt de bedraging enorm verminderd en vereenvoudigd! Een must-have als u clean stuur wilt.

Wilt u weten hoe de m-Button aansluit? Dan hebben we voor u hier 2 handleidingen:
Bedradings circuit [PDF] (klik hier)
m-Button & m-Unit Ê[PDF] (klik hier)

De m-Button bevat connecties voor
- Knipperlichten Links
- ÊKnipperlichten Rechts
- Koplammp (low beam and high beam)
- Starter (startknop)
- Toeter
- Remlicht van de voorrem (remlichtschakelaar)

m-Button ÛÒ Afmetingen
Diameter: 12 mm
Length: 25 mm
Kabel lengte: ca. 60 cm
Kabel naar naar m-Unit: ca. 200 cm
Gewicht: ca. 30 g

LET OP: de m-Button kan alleen gebruikt worden in combinatie met de m-Unit V.2.(click)

Another innovation from motogadget: the m-Button.
It's a big help - in combination with the new m-Unit V.2 - in reducing 'cable clutter' and simplifying wiring harnesses.

Integrated into the handlebar tube - or any other adequate location - this tiny cylinder will electrically connect all handlebar instruments, switches and buttons.
Using state-of-the-art bus technology, the m-Button digitally processes signals and transmits them to the m-Unit V.2 over a thin cable.
The electrical consumers will then be switched inside the m-Unit.
All control wires are moved into the handlebar. This saves space, weight, labour and time. A 'must have' for custom bikes with clean-look handlebars.

In simple facts:
a) normally, the operating current (e.g. headlight or turn signals) is transmitted directly via the wiring of the handlebar switches. Due to the high currents, cables with large cross-sections have to be routed from the fuse box to the switch and back to the electrical consumer. Ê
The result: big cable bundles. Definitely, a 'no go' for custom bikes with restricted space or a concealed electrical system.

b) using the m-Unit without the m-Button, just a thin cable for each switch- or button-controlled feature has to be routed to the m-Unit. These cables only carry minute control currents. All high loads and currents are switched directly at the m-Unit and transmitted directly to the electrical consumers. This already leads to a significant reduction and simplification of the wiring harness. Here you can see the example of a Êcircuit diagram.

c) using the m-Unit V.2 in combination with the tiny m-Button, you will once again reduce the amount of cables that have to be routed! All switches/buttons on the handlebar are connected at the shortest distance possible and concealed inside the handlebar. Consequently, you will have to route only ONE thin cable from the m-Button to the m-Unit. All loads and currents will be switched directly at the m-Unit V.2 (see explanations above). A layout reduced to the max! Here you can see the example of a Êcircuit diagram with use of m-Button.

The m-Button is equipped with connections for

- turn signal, left side
- turn signal, right side
- headlight (low beam and high beam)
- E-starter
- horn
- brake light switch, front brake

m-Button ÛÒ dimensions
Diameter: 12 mm
Length: 25 mm
Cable length: approx. 60 cm
Connecting cable to m-Unit: approx. 200 cm
Weight: approx. 30 g

Attention: The only intended use of the m-Button is in combination with m-Unit V.2.


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