Club Style

Club Style Motorcycles

To be fair, no one has a clear explanation for the name of these motorcycles. They are no choppers or bobbers, so what are they? What we do know for sure is that “club-style” motorcycles are often used by members of the so-called 1% groups. Traditionally, builders would use FXR as a base and later on, Dyna are FXD.

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Club Style

The origin of Club Style Motorcycles?

We are not sure how these bikes developed into what they are now, so if you do, please let us know! Since the introducing of new traffic and vehicle laws in the United States, it would seem that people needed to adjust their motorcycle to keep up. Of course, a lot of choppers did not fill these criteria, which gave a lot of work to law enforcement. Outlaws being true to themselves, they did not wait around for the police to catch them and decide to modify the bike in order to guarantee their escape.

Back then, the FXR was a motorcycle completely different than a regular Harley-Davidson. They had another frame, a rubber-mounted engine and were the most common base for the Club-style bikes. On top of that, they were fast, reliable, easy to handle and to customize in order to gain more power. Only later models had longer springs equipped alongside other parts. It is then logical to see some of these properties on later models like the Dyna.

Club Style motorcycles Nowadays

So, what is a typical club-style motorcycle and how can you build one? Here are the main characteristic to keep in mind:

  • Fairing kit (performance-focused)
  • 2-in-1 exhaust
  • High springs at the rear
  • Muffler modifications
  • High risers and low handlebar
  • Handlebar stabiliser
  • Seat with some support at the back
  • Black, black and even more black

Some even go further and add foot pegs for more grip, power-enhancing exhaust systems… you can go as crazy as you want! The focus is power and handling so that you can flee in the middle of the night after waking up a whole street. Usually, riders go for a full-face black helmet. The whole club-style mentality is: “I don’t know who it was, but there was someone dressed all-in-black riding in a way I have never seen…”

If you want a good all-around bike or prefer to go for a “thug” look, then a club-style motorcycle might be just what you need!

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