Aftermarket parts for Honda motorcycles

Have you recently started your own Honda chopper project and are you looking for that one part? Then Choppershop is the place to be. Here you will find plenty of parts for Honda motorcycles and you will have them transformed into a chopper or bobber in no time. Think of parts like saddlebag racks, crash bars, exhaust systems and maintenance parts. So take a look and order your chopper/bobber parts today!

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Aftermarket parts for Honda motorcycles

In September 1928, the Japanese motorbike manufacturer Honda was founded. The first Honda "motorbikes" were literally that: bikes with a separate engine. These separate engines were produced by Honda. Not long afterwards, the company switched to complete motorbikes as we know them today. During the 1950s, the manufacturer was one of the first Japanese motorbike companies that dared to approach the European and American markets with fairly light motorcycles at first and somewhat heavier motorbikes later. During the years that followed, the company built up a good reputation in the racing world and brought out various motorbike models.

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Below you will find some more information per category. In our assortment you will find plenty of nice Honda spare parts for the various Shadow models, but also for the Rebel models. Be sure to take a look around!

Supports for saddlebags

To make sure your saddlebags do not hit the rear tyre of your Honda motorcycle, but also to be able to easily attach the bags on your bike, racks for saddlebags are the solution. We offer plenty of nice saddlebag racks from the brand Fehling. These are perfect for the Shadow models, but we also offer them for the Honda Rebel 125/250. The racks are easy to mount without having to make major adjustments. You can mount them yourself with the supplied mounting material, then attach your saddlebags and you're good to go!

Motorcycle crash bars

Every biker knows the sacred rule: crash first and then you really belong in the chopper club. Of course you want your bike to still look good afterwards. To make sure your bike looks as good as new after a fall, we recommend the Fehling crash bars. Not only does your Honda chopper look cool with a set of crash bars, but it also saves you a lot of repair work in case your motorcycle falls over.

Seats and sissy bars

Fehling doesn't stop at making crash bars and racks for saddlebags. They also produce convenient and stylish sissy bars. As the name already gives away: some motorcyclists find the sissy bars really something for, you guessed it, "sissies". However, this chopper/bobber part offers the perfect solution for carrying luggage, like a bag or small suitcase, but also for transporting your partner or other favourite passenger. The sissy bars in our assortment come with a backrest and luggage rack and are easy to mount (and dismount!) with the enclosed fastening material.

Exhaust systems for your Honda chopper

With the cool exhaust systems of Mac Exhaust, Cobra USA and Vance and Hines you’ve turned your chopper into a Honda off road bike before you know it. Here you will find motorbike exhausts for the different Honda motorcycle models. If you like chromed exhausts, you will definitely enjoy the Honda parts in our range. These are finished in a way that the chrome does not get a blue look. Please note that many of these exhausts are produced in the United States and therefore do not have an E-approval. This means that you are in violation of the law when you drive on public European roads, but they do make a nice deep sound ;-)

Honda motorcycle parts - maintenance

For maintenance parts for your Honda chopper, you should definitely take a look at our maintenance category. Here you can get a fork seal set, a fork slider and bushing kit, clutch disks and brake pads. Per part you can see if it is suitable for your motorbike brand and model. That way you know for sure that you buy the right part.

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In short: plenty of great parts to choose from. If you order your Honda bike parts today, you will have them tomorrow. That means you can start the job quickly and before you know it you're driving around on your own Honda Shadow bobber! Not convinced yet? Let the hundreds of positive reviews from other motorbike enthusiasts speak for themselves!

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Do you still have questions about the parts in our assortment? Or maybe you are not sure which product is suitable for your chopper/bobber? Do not hesitate to contact us! This is easy by mail: [email protected]. We will gladly help you along with personal advice!