Find all the custom bobber motorcycle parts you need

Are you looking for the best parts for your motorbike project? Look no further! Custom bobber builders can indulge themselves in our motorbike parts. Here you’ll always get personal service from fellow motorcycle enthusiasts!

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Find all the custom bobber motorcycle parts you need

What is a bobber motorcycle?

There are a number of characteristics by which you can recognize the bobber style. It’s a motorbike where a chopper motorcycle is often used as a basis, but then with all the "superfluous" parts stripped. The front fender is removed and the short rear fender is mounted tightly around the rear tire. Moreover, because of the way the saddle is mounted, it seems as if the rider is floating above the motorbike. For the typical look, the vehicle line runs from the handlebars down to the rear wheel, which of course has a nice thick balloon tire.

Bobber seat and saddle

A typical feature of this motorbike is the saddle. A bobber seat is drop-shaped and a correct assembly makes it look like you are floating above your motorbike. In our assortment you will find plenty of nice seats. If you are looking for a saddle with springs, we advise you to order a set of springs with your saddle. Or go for a complete seat kit! That way you can start right away.


A nice tank for your bike contributes to the vehicle line that’s characteristic for this style. With us you always have plenty of choice when it comes to your new bobber tank. We have tanks with different volumes and you can always order a separate tank cap. Spray the tank in your favourite colour and you're ready to go. Everything to make your bike as unique and distinctive as possible.


To be safe on the road, you need the right lighting. This way you are not only visible for others, but you also have a perfect view on the road ahead of you. Bobber headlights usually have a diameter varying from five to six inches. Take a look at our wide lighting range. Here you will find different headlights and tail lights for your custom Harley bobber or Indian Scout bobber project.

Rear fenders

For this particular motorcycle style you really only need one fender: the rear fender. The mudguards in our range are available in different lengths and widths. They all run tightly over the rear tire of your motorbike, which immediately gives your bike that distinctive look. Our rear mudguards are made of steel, which means that you can still adjust them to your liking with metalworking. This way you always have the perfect rear fender for your project!


Because the typical bobber usually has a short rear mudguard, it can be a mystery where to mount your licence plate. To give your licence plate a nice spot and never get fined again, we have many sidemounts in our range. Most of our sidemounts also come with lighting and can be mounted both horizontally and vertically. This way our sidemounts always fit perfectly on your motorcycle!

Choppershop: the store for bobber chopper builders

If you are looking for the best parts for your custom motorbike, then look no further than We also have a manual for the fanatic builders that explains the steps you need to take to build your own custom Harley Davidson bobber. In short, we really have everything you need to start a custom motorcycle project!

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