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  • Why we do what we do

    We have a very wide variety of products on our website. Also we sell a wide variety of brands and a wide price range. 

    We are motorcycle enthousiasts ourselves and we have a very clear philosophy. We want to provide maximum service to other motorcycle minded customers, for the price that is best suited for their situation. 

    Meaning, every item we sell we have a lower, medium and high value price option.... Sometimes even more. We always do this without compromising on safety, looks and quality. Sometimes a piece is maybe not made of metal but plastic....not C&C made but molded aluminium... If this is the case we want it to look good, work properly and function correctly. This way the buying customer can choose what he or she likes to spend on the item without compromising on more important features. 

    Also we would like to offer al sorts of styles so we have a suitable item for all needs and personal flavors. Bikes should represent its owner.... Owners want to be proud of themselves and they're individuality, this is enhanced by the motorcycle they ride. We wish to participate in this proces. The wiser you get the more you learn about yourself and what you like and don't like.... So wherever you are on this path we wish to facilitate your journey in making these decisions....

    And this all come down to having options. Options is what we want to provide to you, this we work on every day. We want to give you as many as we can without creating chaos. 

    Helping to create your indivuduality in a world were people are treated equal is our joy and goal. This is reflected by our variety of products and price range.