Exhaust silencer for your motorcycle

Searching for a motorcycle exhaust silencer? Many motorcyclists think that the sound a motorbike makes is the best thing there is. However there are strict noise limits before motorcycles are allowed on the road. Accordingly, Choppershop offers a wide variety of exhaust silencers. Not only will they make your bike look better, but they also ensure good sound.

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Exhaust silencer for your motorcycle

Exhaust silencer range

An exhaust silencer reduces the decibel level of the exhaust. As a motorcycle without a muffler can be rather loud, this will be appreciated by those around you. Even though the sound may be enjoyable for a motorcyclist, it is necessary and obligatory to use an exhaust silencer on your bike.

At Choppershop, we have a wide range of mufflers. If you order from us, you can benefit from the following benefits:

  • Fast delivery, get back to your chopper upgrade quickly;
  • Huge inventory of parts;
  • Always personal service!

There are various types of motorcycle exhaust silencers to choose from at Choppershop, such as: trumpet silencers, megaphone silencers and more. We also have a wide range of universal silencers. Of course, you can expect the best motorbike parts brands at Choppershop. Think of brands like Emgo, MCS and Vance & Hines.

Universal exhaust silencer

Which muffler fits your bike depends on the connection diameter of the muffler pipe, the model and the silencer size that fits your bike. A universal exhaust silencer can be mounted on most exhaust pipes.

The connection diameter of the muffler can be adjusted by buying a reducer. After that, you can fix the universal exhaust silencer with a clamp or springs. A universal exhaust silencer often fits on both sides of the bike.

Trumpet silencer, fishtail silencers and other types of silencers

At Choppershop, you can choose from different types of silencers. For example, go for the classic chopper silencer: the trumpet silencer. The trumpet silencer gets its name from its shape, which resembles a trumpet. Or go for a retro old school fishtail silencer. In addition to these shapes, we also have megaphone mutes and slash-cut mutes. Check out our range to see all shapes.

Besides the shape, you can also choose from different materials and colours, such as aluminium, stainless steel and steel and the colours chrome and black.

Exhaust silencer with E-label

A cheap motorcycle exhaust silencer often means that it does not have an E-approval. These silencers are unapproved for public roads. In some countries, like in Germany, there is strict control on this. If you are stopped by the police with an illegal muffler, you often get a hefty fine. Silencers with an E-approval are generally more expensive, due to inspection beforehand. However, these are permitted throughout Europe and save you a fine!

Behind the letter E, there is often a number, like E2, E3 or E4. This stands for the country where the silencer is approved and has the approval mark. For example, E4 stands for the Netherlands.

Fitting a motorcycle exhaust silencer

Mounting a motorcycle exhaust silencer is not hard. The muffler is assembled at the end of the exhaust pipe. This can be done with an exhaust clamp and with springs. However, how exactly to mount the silencer to the exhaust differs per silencer. Can't figure it out? Please contact us, we are happy to give you tips on how to mount your chosen muffler.

Choppershop is there for you

Are your silencers rusted out, or is it just time for an upgrade? Then Choppershop has the solution for you. We have a wide range of motorbike silencers. Can't decide which muffler you should choose for your chopper? Then feel free to contact us. At Choppershop, you can count on a professional, fast and reliable service.

Questions and answers

Do you have questions about mufflers? Maybe your questions and the answers are below:

What does an exhaust silencer do?

There are various types of exhaust silencers and they all work in a slightly different way. They have in common that they attenuate the sound waves generated in the engine and the cylinders. An exhaust silencer reduces the decibels emitted by the exhaust in comparison with the situation without an engine muffler.

What does a good exhaust silencer cost?

Exhaust silencers come in many different price categories. There is an exhaust silencer for everyone that fits the budget. Please note that the muffler must have an E-approval, only these are allowed on public roads.