What is a Touring / Dresser Chopper

  • What is a Touring Chopper?

    What is a Touring Chopper?

    When you think of Route 66, do you think about travelling long journeys without having to stop off your motorcycle? If so, then what you need is a Touring motorcycle. When building a Chopper, customizing the aesthetic and the sound of the motorcycle is key. However, if you are building a Touring Chopper, other points are just as important.

    That means you have to take suspension, handling, the handlebar height, the cockpit and eventual luggage into consideration. Comfort is, of course, of utmost importance. Take for example the Harley Road Kind, Electra Glide or Street Glide.

    Nevertheless, it is also really cool to build your own Touring Chopper, which is why we want to share the basic characteristic of these motorcycles with you. With the ten following tips, you will know what to pay attention to if you plan to travel with your motorcycle.


    Nobody likes to get flies in their face and a painful neck after a ride. If you are going to tour, you should consider a tub window from Memphis Shades, or a cockpit from Double G Baggers. If you are sitting comfortably and shielded from the wind, driving for a long distance will be way easier and less tiring. In addition, a cockpit might also protect you against other elements.

    Even though Ape Hanger handlebars are cool, they are not comfortable if you plan to go for long rides. You want to sit in a comfortable position with your back straight so that you can cover long distances. For this reason, a superbike-style handlebar is recommended. On top of that, add a pair of nice wide grips directed slightly towards the rider.

    A fine steering motorcycle and a tight suspension often go hand in hand. A tight or hard suspension might, on the other hand, be detrimental for a long ride. Therefore, take a look at a fine set of aftermarket suspension. The more you can set it up, the better. A set of progressive springs is useful both for sporty or touring use.

    After spending a great amount of time on your motorcycle, your bottom might feel numb. This can be solved by replacing your seat. Some are equipped with a backrest, others have a gel lining for better comfort. You need to decide what is the best for you and for your project. You find them here!

    Exhaust Pipe
    Loud pipes are awesome, but after 500 km, they might make your ears buzz. Since you are going to ride for long periods of time, you should opt for a slightly quieter exhaust system. This will save you a lot of headaches. Of course, you could also go for a system that has a valve. This will allow you to crank up the noise when your friends are around while keeping it quiet when you hit the road. Want some touring exhausts? Check them here! 


    10 Tips to Build a Proper Touring Motorcycle

    1. Choose your motorcycle wisely
      A “cool-looking motorcycle” is not enough to make a touring bike. For a smooth and successful road trip, you need a motorcycle that can do the job.

    2. Travel light
      Put together a list and prioritise all essential items (such as medication, water and navigation) before you are ready to leave.

    3. Wear the proper gear
      For long rides - especially the ones on a motorcycle - it is necessary to wear the right gear. Always wear Kevlar pants, a protective jacket, sturdy boots, an approved helmet and gloves.

    4. Stay hydrated
      Keeping yourself hydrated is very important to stay healthy and sharp during your rides. Do not take this lightly.

    5. Take breaks
      You may need more rest than usual during a long trip. Driving for a long time without a break can be painful for your bottom. Know yourself and know your motorcycle to take breaks when it’s needed. If you drive with a passenger, do not forget to take them into consideration.

    6. Keep track of your location
      This is the perfect time to embrace technology and rely on GPS if you are not good at remembering roads. If you want to take this to a higher level, consider investing in a helmet with Bluetooth so that you can listen to GPS advice.
      If you are travelling to remote areas without a network, bringing physical maps can be really useful. It can at least give you a good idea of the area you are in. It is also advised to ask locals for directions should you be lost.
    1. Be prepared for unexpected weather
      In contrast to a car ride, you should be wary of the weather when travelling by motorcycle. It may pour unexpectedly, the temperature may rise or fall more than expected, so make sure you are prepared to handle it. Therefore, wear layers.

    2. Get those earplugs
      Sometimes, the highway can get very loud. You may not be aware of it, but you can easily suffer hearing damage. In addition, the noise can also cause fatigue, so grab a pair of earplugs before you hit the road.

    3. Eat enough
      You might be “still” on your motorcycle, but you still burn a lot of energy. Make sure you are satiated enough to be focused and stay safe. In a nutshell, eat well but keep your stomach light when you are on your motorcycle.

    4. Stay motivated
      The most exciting part of a motorcycle road trip is when you start to enjoy it to the fullest. Then, the experience becomes extremely pleasant. Feeling tired and frustrated can ruin the whole trip.
      So, stay positive no matter the circumstances.  

    Do you want to prepare for the tours without missing a thing? Check here what we have chosen for you! 

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