Exhaust baffle for sale

Are you looking for a good baffle for your chopper motorbike? Then you don't have to look any further than our assortment. Here you will definitely find the noise killer that fits your chopper or bobber bike best. If you are not yet well informed about the advantages and requirements of dB-killers, then you will find more information below. This will help you to make a good choice about the best baffle for your bike. Stuck? Please contact our customer service. We are happy to help you!

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Exhaust baffle for sale

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What is a baffle?

A dB-killer is a chopper part that you mount in the muffler of your motorbike. In this way, it makes the opening of your exhaust smaller and therefore it makes your motorbike produce less decibels. The decibel killer has small holes over its entire length, so the exhaust gases can still leave the motorbike. This way, the exhaust system continues to work properly, without you running the risk of getting into a fight with the neighbours because of engine noise.

According to the law, a motorbike is not allowed to produce too many decibels. This is to prevent noise pollution for people who do not ride motorbikes. With a motorcycle exhaust baffle you keep everyone happy.

DB-killers and E-mark approval

As mentioned above, your exhaust system must meet certain legal standards. To make sure that your exhaust system meets these standards, you can check whether it has an E-mark approval. This is the European mark of approval given to products which may be used in a particular country within the EU. However, an E-approved exhaust system must also comply with the requirements concerning the volume it produces. The decibel level of your motorbike is the main point of inspection. Go for certainty and buy an exhaust with an E-approval. Mute the excess decibels that the exhaust produces with a suitable motorbike baffle.

How to mount your new dB-killer

If your chopper produces too much noise, you can mount a baffle into your exhaust. This is usually fitted to the end of the silencer. When ordering your new baffle, make sure that you buy the right diameter, so that it will actually fit into your exhaust. The baffle can be mounted by means of a bolt on the side of the dB-killer. Some exhaust silencers already have a recess for this bolt, which makes fitting much easier!

Customised baffle

Unfortunately, you cannot adjust the diameter of a baffle, but you can often shorten the length of a noise killer yourself. This can be done by sawing or grinding off a piece. When buying a dB-killer, you should therefore only pay attention to the diameter, so that it fits well in the silencer of your chopper. If you do not want to grind or saw, we also have adjustable dB-killers in our range! The length of these killers is easy to adjust and they muffle the engine noise just as well.

Buy your new baffle at Choppershop!

Is your chopper making too much noise and do you want to muffle the excess noise? Then you have come to the right place. Check out our wide range of products and you're sure to find a baffle that fits your motorbike. This way you can tour around with your chopper without having to worry about a fine from your police officer.

Can't quite work out which baffle fits your exhaust best? Please contact our customer service. We will gladly help you and provide you with personal advice.