Kickstart, footrest, forward control and more

Drivers looking to customize their bikes often overlook motorcycle parts like footrest, rearsets or forward control. But when comfort and looks are paramount, they should be at the top of your list. At Choppershop, you will find all the parts you need to make your custom chopper more comfortable and beautiful!

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Kickstart, footrest, forward control and more

Wide range of motorbike parts

Nothing beats the freedom of the open road while driving with your custom motorbike. The noise of the wind, the hum of the engine and the beautiful views. Enjoying a comfortable ride on a beautiful custom motorcycle is what many people want. At Choppershop, you will find all the motorcycle parts you need to create the ultimate motorbike experience. Ordering parts for your chopper at offers the following advantages:

  • Fast delivery, get back to your chopper upgrade quickly;
  • Huge inventory of parts;
  • Always personal service!

Make your motorbike more comfortable with a rearset, forward control or new footrest and more beautiful with a new kick start pedal.


Do you want to install rearsets on your motorbike? Besides the fact that rearsets look great on a motorbike, it also has practical advantages. A rearset ensures a more stable and comfortable base for your body position on your motorcycle as you can use your feet and legs to clamp yourself on the motorcycle instead of hanging on to the bike with your arms. It makes motorcycling a lot more comfortable as you are less occupied with keeping yourself steady on the bike.

A rearset replaces the existing footrests, the rear brake lever and the gear lever. Often they are designed in a way that they are adjustable. Take a look at our assortment of rearsets. We have rearsets from the brands LSL and MCU.

Forward controls

Forward controls are designed to give the motorcyclist a more comfortable ride. Forward controls replace the original footrests. Thanks to forward controls, the position of the feet will move further forward on the bike. Due to this change, legs can be stretched out more. This is a comfortable riding position, especially on longer rides and in combination with apehanger handlebars. Does this sound good to you? Then take a look at our forward controls.

Kickstart and kick start pedal

Being stranded with a bike that won't start is a nightmare for many riders. A solution in some cases is to provide an electric starter with a kickstart as extra security. However, this is not always possible. You might want to pimp your existing kickstart. Then choose a kick start pedal. We have several great kick start pedals in our assortment from the brand Wannabe Choppers. Check out our kickstart range for a motorcycle kickstart or a motorcycle kick start pedal.

Motorcycle foot rest

Searching for a new motorcycle foot rest? We have different styles of footrests in our assortment. Do you want to go for a simple design or a striking design? We have something for everyone. We have foot pegs from many well-known brands such as Emgo, Wannabe Choppers and MCU. Take a look at our range of motorcycle footrests.

Gear shift knob

Is the gear selector on your bike worn out? Simply install a new gear shift knob on your gear selector. We have different gear shift knobs colours and shapes to choose from. All our gear shift knobs are made from high-quality aluminium and are polished to a high gloss finish. View all our gear shift knobs here.

Need help?

Choppershop understands the importance of good motorcycle parts for a custom chopper or bobber. Do you need help finding the right parts for your chopper or bobber? Please contact us, we are happy to help you.