Fuel tank and accessories

Is your fuel tank damaged, or do you want to change the look and style of your motorbike? In case of damage, replacing your fuel tank is the best option. A tank is easy to replace. At Choppershop, you will find a wide range of fuel tanks and accessories. Read more below.

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Fuel tank and accessories

Fuel tank assortment

A fuel tank is a central point of your bike, so it makes sense you want a great looking fuel tank for your bike. Choppershop has the best selection of custom fuel tanks for your chopper or bobber. If you order from us, you can make use of our advantages:

  • Fast delivery, get back to your chopper upgrade quickly;
  • Huge inventory of parts;
  • Always personal service!

Choosing the right motorcycle fuel tank can be tricky. You want it to look good on your motorbike as well as you have to consider size and ease of installation.

Custom fuel tank

We have a great selection of custom motorcycle fuel tanks in our range for the well-known chopper and bobber models such as the Sportster XL, Softail FLS and Shovelhead. The fuel tanks come in different styles. For instance, we have the Frisco style, the wasp style and the teardrop style. These names say something about the shape or placement of the fuel tank.

Are you looking for a tank with a classic look? Then go for the Frisco style. Do you want to give your bike more of a vintage look? Then go for the wasp style tank. The fuel tanks from Choppershop are of high-quality steel or aluminium. With our fuel tanks, you can mostly choose between different sizes and tank capacities.

Undoubtedly, you can expect the best brands at Choppershop. For fuel tanks, we have the brands Drag Specialties, Killer Custom, Lowbrow Customs and Paughco. Check out our range of fuel tanks.

Buy a fuel cap

Do you need a new fuel cap? Or does your current fuel cap no longer fit the style of your motorbike? At Choppershop, you can easily buy a new filler cap. We have different kinds of fuel caps, there is a fitting fuel cap for every style of motorcycle

The filler caps are made from aluminium, steel or brass and come in the colours chrome, black or gold. In addition to colour and material, you can also choose between a standard twist-off or a flip-up cap.

fuel filter

Without a fuel filter, dirt or rust particles can enter the fuel tank at every filling. This can potentially clog the float needle. Perhaps you already have a fuel filter, but it is clogged. A clogged fuel filter can cause your engine to stop working or even stall completely. Our advice is to check the fuel filter regularly and replace it when necessary.

At Choppershop, you will find different sizes of fuel filters, so there is always one that fits your fuel hoses. For example, go for a glass fuel filter. A glass filter can be opened, so you are able to clean it, which makes it a durable choice!

Fuel tap

Without a doubt, a new fuel tank needs a new fuel tap! A fuel tap is of great importance for your engine. After all, without a fuel tap, your engine won't run. Old fuel taps can potentially leak, or they won't let any fuel out anymore. It is time for a new tap. Make sure the engine gets enough fuel by opening the tap properly. You can find all taps in our category fuel taps.

Fuel hose

With a fuel tank, you also need a fuel hose. We have different sizes of fuel hoses in our assortment. We have black fuel hoses, but also transparent ones. Of course, at Choppershop, you can also buy the corresponding hose clamps and locking systems.

Fuel tank parts and maintenance

In the fuel tank parts category, you will find all the parts you may need for a fuel tank. Think of motorcycle fuel tank protectors, but also of components to mount the tank. It is also wise to condition a new fuel tank from the start with a sealer/coating to prevent future rust. For this reason, we have special kits that will help prevent future rust or remedy current rust in your tank.

Choppershop is here for you

A tank is one of the most crucial styling elements on your bike, but picking the right one can be tricky. Can't figure it out? Don't hesitate to contact us. We will gladly help you with the right tank.

Need other motorbike parts? Take a look around on our website. We also sell motorcycle lighting, handlebars, exhaust silencers and much more. You can shop with confidence for motorcycle parts at Choppershop!