Shock absorber

With first-rate shock absorbers on your chopper or bobber, you ensure safety on the road and increase comfort. As soon as your motorbike wheel comes into contact with the road, the shocks are damped by the suspension. This makes riding a lot more comfortable. They also affect the driving style of your bike. For example, they can make you ride more sporty.

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Shock absorber

Shock absorber assortment

A good shock absorber certainly is not an unnecessary luxury and can provide a real upgrade in comfort and handling. At Choppershop, we offer a wide range of shock absorbers of excellent quality. With the right shock absorbers, the contact of your motorbike wheel with the road surface is assured. So it is not unimportant to have properly functioning chopper shocks. Replacing absorbers can provide an unexpected improvement to your driving experience.

Are you ready for new shocks because the old ones are worn out, or simply to improve your riding experience? Then take a look at Choppershop. Ordering shocks for your chopper at offers the following advantages:

  • Fast delivery, get back to your chopper upgrade quickly;
  • Huge inventory of parts;
  • Always personal service!

Shock absorber brands

Within the assortment of Choppershop, you will find absorbers from different brands. You will find among others YSS shocks, Hagon shocks and Progressive Suspension shocks. Quality is guaranteed to improve the handling of your chopper or bobber.

YSS Shocks

With YSS shocks you are assured of good quality. YSS is an innovative company when it comes to suspension and they are at the top of the market. Because chopper shocks are very important for a comfortable ride, you want a set that lasts. The products of this brand are all certified, so with YSS shocks you are definitely on the right track. YSS shocks are custom made on order.

Hagon Shocks

Hagon shocks are custom made on order. The sets will be made according to the wishes of the customer. This way, you can order shocks that perfectly fit your custom bike. These shocks are more classic, whereas YSS is more modern.

Progressive Suspension

Progressive Suspension is one of the biggest shock absorber manufacturers in America. Their absorbers are known for their comfort and stability. Progressive Suspension performs many tests and quality controls to make the best shocks for your motorbike.

Custom made shock absorbers

Hagon offers the possibility to order custom made shock absorbers. Which is the ideal solution if you are customising your chopper or bobber. You can buy custom made shock absorbers for a fixed price. There is a choice of chopper shocks in 6 different styles. To make it custom, you can add the length between the mounting points, your weight and other extra information. The shock absorber will be made exactly the way you want it. This way we ensure that the absorbers fit your bike perfectly. The average delivery time is between 2-3 weeks, but often much faster.

Shock absorber replacement

shock absorber replacement is necessary as soon as your bike starts to bump and bounce on the road. A bumpy suspension makes it harder to control your bike. Shock absorber replacement is also needed as soon as your shocks start leaking, which causes it to deteriorate. It is time to order new ones. After ordering new shocks, you can start mounting them on your motorbike.

The degree of difficulty of replacing chopper shocks depends on the model of your chopper or bobber. In the best case, you only have to remove the bolts from the shock absorbers. Then you can put your new addition on and bolt it down. Experienced wrenchers will probably not encounter any problems here, but if you are doing this for the first time it might be convenient to ask a professional for help.

Need help?

If you have problems after viewing our shock absorber assortment, we are happy to help you. You can take a look at the frequently asked questions or contact our customer service. We are there for you!