Motorcycle lighting

No other vehicle benefits more from good lighting than a motorcycle. Bright lights on your bike increase your safety on the road by making you clearly visible to other road users.
Whether you want to repair or upgrade your lighting, we have the products you need to repair or improve your visibility in the dark, including headlights, number plate lights, motorcycle indicators and more!

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Motorcycle lighting

Motorcycle lights assortment

Besides providing safety, it is also great to have a nice motorcycle headlight or number plate light! With great lighting, you will definitely give your chopper an upgrade. Order your motorcycle lights at Choppershop and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Fast delivery, get back to your chopper upgrade quickly;
  • Huge inventory of parts
  • Always personal service!

To reduce extra power consumption, we recommend replacing your standard motorcycle headlight, motorcycle rear light, brake light and indicators with LED lights. LED lights have a higher light output compared to standard motorbike bulbs.


New improved headlights can positively change your riding experience. For example, upgrade your bike with a LED headlight. A LED headlight improves the clarity and quality of the light, giving you extra good visibility when it's dark. In addition, a LED headlight is also more energy-efficient, as it uses less power. Do you prefer a halogen headlight? We also have these in our assortment.

A motorcycle headlight is one of the parts that can help give your bike a unique look. With a new headlight, you can completely change the look of your bike. For example, go for a vintage look with our vintage headlights. You can also choose from chrome headlights, black headlights or even copper headlights. Furthermore, we have different lens options like a yellow lens or a white lens. In addition, we provide headlights for side and bottom mounting. Check out our full selection of headlights and use our filters on the page to narrow down the list to the headlights that fit your bike.

Motorcycle rear light

Besides being well lit from the front with a motorcycle headlight, it is also important that other road users can see you from behind in the dark. For this reason, there are rear lights.
Choppershop has a great assortment of motorcycle rear lights to choose from. Just like headlights, you can choose between LED and halogen rear lights. Or choose a rear light with integrated indicators. Everything is possible at Choppershop.

Take a look at our range of motorcycle rear lights to see what style of rear light you will go for. If you go for a classic retro look, then this vintage tear light might be a good option. Of course, we also have other styles within our range. Additionally, we have rear lights that include the brake light. The choice is wide!

Motorcycle indicators

To indicate your direction of travel, you need motorcycle indicators. Are you in the need of new motorcycle indicators? Take a look at our category turn signals. In this category, you will find different types and styles of motorcycle turn signal indicators to choose from, such as LED turn signals, halogen turn signals and styles such as smoke turn signals. We also provide different options for integrated turn signals within our product range.

Number plate light

Your number plate must be clearly visible at all times. This can be achieved with a number plate light. Having a number plate light is mandatory in the UK, so it must be on your motorcycle. In Choppershop’s assortment, you will find the right number plate light for your chopper! Within this category, we also have number plate holders.

Indicator lights

Do you want to know if your lights are on, which indicator you’re using or if you have your high beam on? This is possible with indicator lights. Indicator lighting uses a number of control lamps to show which light is being used. Most indicator lights indicate direction indicators (left/right), neutral, high beam and alarm light. Some indicator lights also show if your oil pressure is too low. Indicator lights are easy to connect to your chopper.


Headlight brackets and other parts to connect your lights to your chopper, such as indicator clamps, can be found in the brackets category. Make sure you know what size you need. Our brackets look great on almost any chopper!

Miscellaneous Lighting

In this category, you will find everything else you might need for lighting your bike. Think of a headlight grill, headlight foil and replacement lights. This can all be found in the miscellaneous lighting category.

Choppershop is here for you

Take your time to look through our wide range of lighting options for your motorcycle. Can’t figure it out? Then we are happy to help you. Please contact us.

If you have found the perfect lighting, you could check out our other categories, such as bars & equipment. We have all the parts you need to make your bike unique.