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This Quickbob tank has a flowy and smooth design which is great if you are going for a custom look. Mounting brackets are included, so you can install the tank on your motorcycle as soon as it arrives!


  • Single cap
  • 14,8 liter (3.9-gallon) capacity
  • Extended design of these tanks allows the lines of the tank to flow into the lines of the seat for a great custom look
  • 2" longer than a standard QuickBob tank
  • Available in a single- or dual-gas cap style
  • Tanks have cutout in rear for seat nose (some seats may need to be shortened)
  • Utilizes a 22mm petcock
  • Each tank comes with necessary mounting brackets
  • When gas tanks are installed on 92 and later models and the OEM continuous venting system is eliminated or disconnected, you may not reuse your stock vented cap, but may replace it with an earlier version of the screw-type caps
Harley DavidsonXL 883 R Roadster8832002ALL 
Harley DavidsonXL 883 R Roadster8832003ALL 
Harley DavidsonXL 1200 S Sport11991996ALL 
Harley DavidsonXL 1200 S Sport11991997ALL 
Harley DavidsonXL 1200 S Sport11991998ALL 
Harley DavidsonXL 1200 S Sport11991999ALL 
Harley DavidsonXL 1200 S Sport11992000ALL 
Harley DavidsonXL 1200 S Sport11992001ALL 
Harley DavidsonXL 1200 S Sport11992002ALL 
Harley DavidsonXL 1200 S Sport11992003ALL 
Harley DavidsonXL 1200 C Sportster Custom11991996ALL 
Harley DavidsonXL 1200 C Sportster Custom11991997ALL 
Harley DavidsonXL 883 C Sportster 53 Custom8831998ALL 
Harley DavidsonXL 1200 C Sportster Custom11991998ALL 
Harley DavidsonXL 883 C Sportster 53 Custom8831999ALL 
Harley DavidsonXL 1200 C Sportster Custom11991999ALL 
Harley DavidsonXL 883 C Sportster 53 Custom8832000ALL 
Harley DavidsonXL 1200 C Sportster Custom11992000ALL 
Harley DavidsonXL 883 C Sportster 53 Custom8832001ALL 
Harley DavidsonXL 1200 C Sportster Custom11992001ALL 
Harley DavidsonXL 883 C Sportster 53 Custom8832002ALL 
Harley DavidsonXL 1200 C Sportster Custom11992002ALL 
Harley DavidsonXL 883 C Sportster 53 Custom8832003ALL 
Harley DavidsonXL 1200 C Sportster Custom11992003ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 1000 Sportster9871982ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 1000 Sportster9871983ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 1000 Sportster9871984ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 1000 Sportster9871985ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 883 Sportster8831986ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 1100 Sportster10871986ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 883 Sportster8831987ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 1100 Sportster10871987ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 883 Sportster Hugger8831988ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 883 Sportster Deluxe8831988ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 1200 Sportster11991988ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 883 Sportster Hugger8831989ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 883 Sportster Deluxe8831989ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 1200 Sportster11991989ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 883 Sportster8831990ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 883 Sportster Deluxe8831990ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 883 Sportster Hugger8831990ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 1200 Sportster11991990ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 1200 Sportster11991991ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 883 Sportster Deluxe8831991ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 883 Sportster Hugger8831991ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 883 Sportster8831991ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 1200 Sportster11991992ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 883 Sportster Deluxe8831992ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 883 Sportster8831992ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 883 Sportster Hugger8831992ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 1200 Sportster11991993ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 883 Sportster8831993ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 883 Sportster Deluxe8831993ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 883 Sportster Hugger8831993ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 1200 Sportster11991994ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 883 Sportster8831994ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 883 Sportster Hugger8831994ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 883 Sportster Deluxe8831994AMERICA 
Harley DavidsonXLH 1200 Sportster11991995ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 883 Sportster8831995ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 883 Sportster Hugger8831995ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 883 Sportster Deluxe8831995AMERICA 
Harley DavidsonXLH 883 Sportster8831996ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 883 Sportster Hugger8831996ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 1200 Sportster12001996AMERICA 
Harley DavidsonXLH 883 Sportster8831997ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 883 Sportster Hugger8831997ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 1200 Sportster12001997AMERICA 
Harley DavidsonXLH 1200 Sportster11991998ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 883 Sportster Hugger8831998ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 883 Sportster8831998ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 1200 Sportster11991999ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 883 Sportster Hugger8831999ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 883 Sportster8831999ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 883 Sportster8832000ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 883 Sportster Hugger8832000ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 1200 Sportster12002000AMERICA 
Harley DavidsonXLH 883 Sportster8832001ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 883 Sportster Hugger8832001ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 1200 Sportster12002001AMERICA 
Harley DavidsonXLH 883 Sportster8832002ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 883 Sportster Hugger8832002ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 1200 Sportster12002002AMERICA 
Harley DavidsonXLH 883 Sportster8832003ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 883 Sportster Hugger8832003ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLH 1200 Sportster12002003AMERICA 
Harley DavidsonXLS 1000 Roadster9871982ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLS 1000 Roadster9871984ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLS 1000 Roadster9871985ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLS 1000 Roadster Custom Sport9871983ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLX 1000 Sportster9871983ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLX 1000 Sportster9871984ALL 
Harley DavidsonXLX 1000 Sportster9871985ALL
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Drag Specialties 14,8 Liter Single cap Extended Smooth-top Quickbob Rubber-mount gas tank
Drag Specialties
14,8 Liter Single cap Extended Smooth-top Quickbob Rubber-mount gas tank
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14,8 Liter Single cap Extended Smooth-top Quickbob Rubber-mount gas tank
Drag Specialties

14,8 Liter Single cap Extended Smooth-top Quickbob Rubber-mount gas tank

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