Daytona Gauges
The Daytona gauges from are one of the best custom motorcycle gauges available on the market. The Daytona Velona, for example, is a best-selling product in our web shop. On the custom motorcycle scene, these gauges are considered top quality speedometers.

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Daytona Speedometers
Daytona speedometers are perfect for any motorcycle project, like a Café Racer, Chopper, Bobber, Tracker or Scrambler. It combines a custom style with modern features. The Daytona gauges available on the market have an old school and vintage design with all the latest technologies and features that can be useful on your Custom. You can use them to replace your stock dashboard. Gauges like the Daytona Velona 80have all the modern features you can think of, such as trip meter, odometer, gear indicator, warning and indicator lights, backlight, shift up warning, memory power supply and so on. All the speedometers and gauges, like the Daytona Velona, can be set on MPH or km/h.

Daytona Velona
Take for example the Daytona Velona. This gauge looks gorgeous on your Café Racer project.

On top of that, it is easy to install as it is a Plug & Play product. The Dayton Velonagauge is very popular on Café Racers, Scramblers, Trackers, Choppers, Bobbers and many others. The design of the Daytona Velona 80is modern but has an old school twist. This Daytonagauge is the best choice for any Café Racer!

Lesser Known Facts About Daytona
The brand designs a wide range of products, not only speedometers and gauges like the Daytona Velona. Here are some examples:

* Heated grips
* Mirrors
* Indicators
* Headlights
* Various anodised parts

One item really stands out: the Daytona indicators. You may have seen a newer type of LED indicators on recent cars. The light goes from left to right or the other way around. It is a very modern and trendy feature that you can add to your custom motorcycle. They will fit on every type of motorcycle, especially Café Racers and Trackers!

Control Your Smartphone with Your Motorcycle
Daytona always strives to offer something new. Smartphone holders for handlebars have been around for a while. As you know, this is nothing new, but a wireless Bluetooth connection on a switch next to your grips definitely is. If you want to use your smartphone to check for maps or give a call when you are riding a motorcycle, you can simply use the switch. It will allow the wireless connection with your phone, and you can then control your device without removing your hand from the handlebar. This state-of-art feature is perfect for your custom motorcycle.

Brackets for Daytona Products
When you are building your Café Racer or another custom bike, you will probably need some kind of bracket. Daytona also offers a wide range of brackets for their speedometers and gauges. In order to fit the Daytona products on your custom, you want to do this properly. This is why you need a high-quality product designed especially for that purpose. The Daytona Velona 80fits perfectly with the high-quality headlight brackets offered by the brand.

Top 5 Most Popular Daytona Products

1:Velona 200 km/h & RPM speedo / tacho 80mm
2: BMW speed pulse converter / sensor for daytona speedos
3: Velona speedo black
4: Digital speedo with tachometer velona
5: Velona 260 km/h & rpm speedo / tacho 80mm