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6 Tips to Sell your Custom Bike Fast

12 Feb 2019
by Richard Goudriaan

6 Tips to get more out the sale of your Moto.

Learn how to get a better price, how and when to sell! 


Tip 1. When is the best time to sell your Moto? 

Most people tend to wonder when the best time of the year is to sell their bike. When spring comes the demand for motorcycles rises strongly. The chance that you will get the best price for your moto is the biggest when you offer it to the market from September till March. Then again, in the winter months, the offer of motorcycles is smaller so the chance is bigger to find a real lover for your bike. 


Tip 2. I'm gonna sell, what do I need? 

Your bike should be in the optimal state when you’re going to sell. Check all functions of your bike, does every light work? Do you have all the keys? Are your brakes working perfectly? To test the brakes you can brake and softly try to roll forward and backwards to see if they work as they should. 

Then, of course, you need all of your paperwork before someone comes for a test drive. Have your maintenance log and ownership papers with you, if they want to buy, you should be able to sell! 


Extra tip: Start your check with a cold engine and listen very well, as if you are the buyer, hear anything funny? Fix this! 


Tip 3: Pictures of your bike, how to? 

You can write a book about your bike, but no one will take you for granted, making pictures on the other hand... 

Good pictures start with a recently cleaned moto and a neutral background. This neutral background comes on a cloudy day without too much sunlight, this will only reflect on your bike decreasing the visibility. Whenever it is a sunny day, wait for the sun to be somewhat lower, this will enhance the colour! When you are taking pictures in full sunlight, use a polarization filter to filter the shimmering of the bike. 

When your done making the pictures, preview them on your laptop, tablet or pc. They will often give you a much better view then on your camera or phone. You can even choose to cut them, so your moto will be more central in your photo. 

Cool, now what exactly to take pictures of? The answer is, as many as possible! You should start with both sides, front, side and back angle. Then of the front, back, and dashboard. Got any damage, make a pic of this as well. Whenever a potential buyer discovered damage afterwards, this will really lower your position in the price debate, see our next tips! 

When taking pictures of your KM stance, don’t forget to take off the glass for a non-reflecting picture and a clear view for your potential buyer. 


WANT MORE TIPS?  Learn how to: Get better prices, take pictures, fill the add and more in our blog! 



Tip 4: What is a good price for my Motorcycle? 

What everybody wants to know, is what can I ask for my moto? To make a good price there is no such thing a list of all middle values, as there is with cars. To get the most realistic price you should check the web for bikes like yours and make the pricing based on that. 

But, where do I look for when comparing my bike with others? Underneath I have some point to take into account when you’re comparing your moto! 

  • Brand, type, year.
  • Driven kilometres
  • CC’s of engine
  • Damages
  • Repair history 
  • Accessories

Always take into account that for a comparable motor by a dealer you will pay about 25% more than others. This is due to the guarantee and the check-up of the bike. Taken all this into account, you will be just fine defining the value of the bike. Remember, don’t go to high with the price, no one will come because you love your bike so much!! 


Tip 5: What to put in the add when selling my bike? 

When you’re making an online add for your moto it will be very important too but a couple of things into account. That way you will sell your bike in the fastest way. 

  1. Put the Brand, Model and building year in the title. 
  2. Place as many pictures as you can! Do they allow 20? Place 20. You can find the how-to at tip 3. 
  3. Describe you’re Moto in an honest and personal way; Let the best points about your bike stand out and make a convincing story, be honest why you bought it and loved it! Tell something about yourself, the story behind the moto and the reason why you sell it, they need to know this to trust you. 
  4. Give potential buyers always the opportunity to call you, adding a phone number enhances trust. 
  5. Choose the right price, read tip 4.


Tip 6: Talking about the price with the buyer.

Not everyone is a salesman, most people are just moto lovers, it's not easy for everybody: negotiating about the price. Keep in mind that potential buyers will want to talk about the price. Dare to be stubborn about the price and the value of your bike, you not in a rush to sell it are you?  Being in a hurry to sell will undermine your selling position. 

Although price negotiations may not be your daily routine, you will have to prepare. Take a minimum price that you want for your moto and start above this. During the negotiations, always keep 10% between your absolute minimum so you have the last card to play in the last phase to close your deal. 


We wish you all the best of luck selling your bike! ;) 


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